Release announcement: IR, an LV2 Convolution Reverb


I am proud to announce the public release of IR, a convolution reverb in the LV2 plugin format. Released as free software, this easy to use plugin has been created to open the fascinating world of convolution reverb to Linux-based audio engineers. If you use Ardour to create, mix or produce music, you will most probably want to check out this plugin.

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HTTP forwarding through multiple gateways


In my little writeup about SSH tunneling I have provided an introduction to using the SSH local and remote port forwarding features, with an emphasis on remote port forwarding useful for X tunneling. Here's a complete example of local port forwarding, useful for tunneling HTTP through multiple gateways.

More robust remote X tunneling


Running remote X applications is extremely common in the UNIX world of remote administration. Using ssh -X to log in to a remote system and launch graphical programs there is easy and convenient. However, it does not always work. This article describes a method that will work in case ssh -X won't do.

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